Mural Wallpaper

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Material: Paste the wall Matte
Roll Size: Sample | 8.27” x 11.69”
It's advisable to try installing a wallpaper sample first before proceeding with a larger order. 

❖ Paste the wall Silk
Our coated silk non-woven wallpaper is made of sturdy and durable non-woven material with a coated silky smooth surface.

❖ Paste the wall Matte
Uncoated non-woven wallpaper features an extra layer that gives it a matte finish. It is extra-resistant to scrapes and does not reflect sunlight. Perfect for high traffic areas and families with small children.

❖ Pre-pasted Water-activated
PVC-free eco-friendly wall-covering with a natural looking, smooth matte finish. Water-activated adhesive backing. Designed for easy application and clean removal. 

❖ Peel and Stick
Self-adhesive fine woven textured canvas material made of 100% polyester fabric. Removable and reusable multiple times without damage or residue. No extra tools, glue, paste or water needed for hanging. Won't rip, wrinkle, or tear. It is fire-rated, non-toxic, and phthalate free.

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How to Install?

Before starting the installation, thoroughly review the instructions provided. It is advisable to test the installation process with a wallpaper sample before proceeding with a larger purchase.


How to measure my wall?

Which type of wallpaper should I choose?

Choosing the right wallpaper can be tricky, but all of our options are durable, easy to clean,

environmentally friendly, fire-rated, and won't fade in sunlight.

• If you have a high traffic area or a family with small children, Traditional Matte wallpaper is a great option as it is more resistant to scrapes and can handle cleaning products better than Traditional Silk wallpaper.

• If you want a no-glue option, Pre-pasted Water-activated wallpaper is perfect as it has a water- activated adhesive backing, making it easy to apply and remove cleanly.

• Our Peel and Stick wallpaper is like a giant sticker, you can easily remove and reuse it multiple times without causing any damage or leaving behind any residue.

Hanging Method?

• Edge to edge is the traditional approach of hanging wallpaper. This is where the print is trimmed right to the edges, leaving no gaps, and the paper is simply pasted up without any extra trimming required.

Shipping and Return

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All wall-coverings are tailored to customer specifications and are non-returnable. No returns on samples or bespoke murals. See return policy for details.

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Custom Size

offers custom-fit wallpaper, ensuring the best fit for your space and avoiding extra waste, saving you money.


All four wallpaper types are environmentally friendly, fire-rated, PVC free, and do not fade in sunlight. They are also in accordance with the European Standard for wallcoverings, EN 15102.

Customer Service

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