Questions You May Have About Wallpaper

Paste the Wall Matte

Uncoated Matte wallpaper features an extra layer that gives it a matte finish. It is extra-resistant to scrapes and does not reflect sunlight. Perfect for high traffic areas and families with small children.

  • Non-woven material
  • Approx. 175 gsm
  • Uncoated smooth surface
  • Extra matte finish
  • Scrape-resistant
  • Anti-reflective
  • Glue applied to wall
  • Does not fade in sunlight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire-rated
  • PVC-free
Peel & Stick Polyester

Self-adhesive textile matermade of 100% polyester fabric. Removable and reusable multiple times without damage or residue. No extra tools, glue, paste or water needed for hanging. Won't rip, wrinkle, or tear. It is fire-rated, non-toxic, and phthalate free.

  • Textile surface
  • Approx. 380g / m2
  • Easy to install
  • Removable

Peel & Stick Vinyl

The use of high-quality vinyl material in our wallpaper guarantees its long-lasting durability and waterproof nature, making it resistant to wear and tear. Installing the wallpaper is easy with its adhesive backing, which allows for easy application on any smooth, flat surface without requiring special tools or glues. Vinyl wallpaper is a preferred option for those seeking a wallpaper solution that can withstand moisture and damage, thanks to its inherent strength.

  • Fine woven canvas material 
  • Easy to Install 
  • Removable


What is the range of measurements I can choose from when ordering my wallpaper?

Our wallpapers are printed to your specific measurements to fit walls and spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Can the width of each panel be changed?

Yes, Our wallpaper printer's width is 150cm / 59’’ and we normally cut wallpaper in panels so it can be shipped easier and cheaper. Our panels cut to 25” for faster and more efficient shipping. Our recommended wallpaper panel widths are 48cm/19’’ to 74cm/29’’. While you can choose any wallpaper panel size that suits your business needs, we would recommend that the panel width would not exceed 74cm/29’’ as this would result in much higher shipping costs. There is an option to send the wallpaper in uncut rolls, but in this case, the shipping cost might be higher, depending on the width of the wallpaper roll/panel. If you require a different panel size, kindly contact us, and we will be pleased to accommodate your request.

What is the range of measurements I can choose from when ordering my wallpaper?

The minimum size you can order is 30.48x30.48cm / 12x12 inch.

How do I measure walls for wallpaper?

Measure the width and the height of your walls with a metal measuring tape. You can measure from the ceiling down to the floor and across each wall to quickly get a height and width measurement.Measure your wall in several places as walls are usually not perfectly straight and use the longest measurement for width and height.You can exclude the baseboards and molding/cornice but should include any doors or windows. Add on 6-10 cm /2.5-4 inches to the measurements to provide a margin of error for assembly.

More Information here.

Installation & Ordering

Do you provide glue and mounting kits?

We do not provide glue and mounting kits, we provide a list of recommended glues in different markets.

What is the margin of error for assembly?

Walls are not always perfectly straight, so we recommend that you alwaysadd 6-10 cm /2.5-4 inches to your wall’s measurementsto provide a margin of error for assembly. Rolls or strips cannot be ordered separately because our wallpaper is custom-printed to your measurements. The entire wallpaper order must be placed on the same purchase.

What if one panel gets destroyed during installation?

We do not offer single panel reprinting, the whole wallpaper order will have to be reordered to ensure color consistency.

Would I be able to order my wallpaper in two separate transactions?

We advise against it as ordering all at once ensures color consistency and seamless installation.

Surfaces and Environments

What surfaces can I hang the wallpaper on?

The surface must be smooth and clean when hanging the wallpaper. Do not apply on rough surfaces or uneven walls. It is important that the surface does not absorb moisture. Examples of absorbent surfaces are filled walls and particleboard. Absorbent surfaces need to be primed. If your wallpaper is a light color, we recommend priming the wall white so that the surface does not show through. Wallpaper should not be hung on surfaces that are subject to corrosion, such as sheet metal or aluminum.

Is it recommendable to install wallpaper on dark or patterned walls?

In general, we recommend installing wallpapers on walls of a solid, light color as darker colored or patterned walls may show through the wallpaper. Our peel and stick woven wallpapers are thicker and may be able to cover patterned or darker colored walls better. If you need to prime over your dark-colored walls with a light primer before installation, it will be best to wait at least 4 weeks for the paint to cure before installation.

Are there places where wallpaper should not be installed?

Do not apply on rough surfaces or uneven walls.

Are all our wallpapers compliance tested?

Our wallpapers are eco-friendly, PVC-free, and non-toxic. They are also in accordance with the European Standard for wallcoverings, EN 15102.